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Hello, my name is Jason Clarke. I'm an artist and designer with over nineteen years of experience. Now living in Vermont, I engage in both commercial and fine art endeavors. 


Predominately I work in ink on paper using brush techniques developed over many years of work. Often combined with my ink work, my color pieces are digitally painted or designed. My subjects of interest include the symbols of nature and man-made facades and delusions, and their relationships with one another. 


Most of my artwork is available as both original pieces and limited edition prints. In some cases, only one or the other is available, depending on how the work was made. Many print pieces can be found for sale through my Etsy store. Please feel free to contact me about any piece you are interested in. Commissions and private project requests are welcome.  

If you are looking for my archive of older illustrations and online comics, that can still be found at: Ninja Joe

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